Your Greatest Strength Is Also Your Greatest Weakness.

We often hear it said that our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness, and we can see it in those around us. I know for myself that my dogged persistence and determination has a flip side that means that I don’t give up on organisations or people even when they are damaging to me. When I think about it logically I know that it is okay to be persistent and to be able to push through when things get difficult. If we have a tendency to give up on things too quickly there is a chance that we never finish anything and that we never establish deep relationships.

Looking objectively at the situations in which I have found myself in the past, there are many times when I should have walked away from people and situations which were toxic to me.

I imagine that most dictators have people around them who are loyal to a fault. They will do the bidding of the dictator unquestioningly because their number one value is loyalty. Tidiness is a wonderful strength but it can also be a merciless tyrant. I know some very driven people and they achieve a lot more than most people, but they never rest – which is bad for their health – and they drive things entirely their own way and are poor team members.

We would all value from looking carefully at our greatest strength and asking ourselves whether we take it to an illogical extreme where it becomes our greatest weakness.

Harsha Bogle, quoted on, put it this way,

Sometimes your greatest strength can emerge as a weakness if the context changes.

The person who sees only his/her own weaknesses would benefit from reflecting on what his/her greatest weakness says about his/her greatest strength.