Working Together

If just one person can make a difference, as I stated in my blog on 15th November, then imagine how much difference people can make when they work together. According to Wikipedia,

Teamwork is “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”.

There is a lot of competition in our culture, and in some areas of life that works against us. Of course, competition can be healthy and most sports depend on it and even in business we benefit from the competition that prevents monopolies that drive up prices.

When it comes to certain issues, like environment and community, I think that the Eden Project is right, we have to work together.

Dr Jember Tefera, who started the project that I mentioned in the ‘One Can Make a Difference’ blog, began to work out her vision alone, but she could not have completed it without the team that came alongside her.

The idea for my book, Chasing the Wind, came from me, but the team that came around me, that is, my family, made publishing the book possible, and I’m grateful to each one of them for their contribution.

Our country cannnot afford to pay communities for everything that they need, but each one of us can join with others to make our community stronger and more caring. All it requires is that we take an interest in the people around us, be aware of their needs, and then work with others to meet them.