Why am I procrastinating?

Until I had a chat with Tim Bourne, a friend from Red Ant Consulting, (www.redantconsulting.co.uk), I had no idea that my procrastination could be, at least in part, due to a fear of success. Fear of failure I had come across, but fear of success made perfect sense to me … I didn’t want to become arrogant like some of the successful people I had come across. I like all sorts of people, from all walks of life. Looked at objectively, if I like people now, there’s no reason why I should change my attitude to people just because I succeed.
I also put off finishing because that way I can never actually fail. That is self-deception of course; as Tim pointed out, I could never actually succeed either.
I also had a tendency to draft and edit endlessly, which delayed the moment when I had to send the work to someone else to review. Part of that is perfectionism – but part is purely fear of rejection.
At the start of a project, I have a tendency to put off beginning.
What has helped me deal with these causes of procrastination?
I will put myself out for people but then I ensure that I make up writing time.
I call a halt to editing and get other people’s opinions.
I go to writers’ groups and practice hearing what others honestly think. It improves the writing and helps to deal with the fear of rejection.
Breaking up the project into bite-sized pieces and setting goals and priorities also helps.
And finally … here’s a link to an interesting blog that a friend sent to me, (thank you Jenny), which suggests that procrastination may be, in part, due to lack of planning. I’m so disorganised that it makes sense to me. http://calnewport.com/blog/2011/07/10/the-procrastinating-caveman-what-human-evolution-teaches-us-about-why-we-put-off-work-and-how-to-stop/