The Advantages of Teamwork

On two occasions this week I have come across discussions about the advantages of teamwork. I know that teams don’t always work and that they can bring about conflict, but on balance I think they lead to greater efficiency and creativity.

In my current job as a support worker, I not only value the input of my colleagues, but also the input of other professionals. It makes life much easier if we decide to work together to support a client.

In the voluntary sector, there is a move towards collaboration between organisations in order to win contracts. Hopefully this will bring together the best of each of them and so provide a better service for the clients.

I find that working with positive team members improves efficiency. If I go on a home visit with a colleague, they are more likely to be kindly disposed towards me when I need someone to accompany me, and if we help each other out the overall effect is more efficient. Working together loses the competitive element which leads to greater support and encouragement for each other.

Working as a team leads to collective responsibility. The success of one is the success of all because goals are shared goals. When we rely on each other to help, nobody becomes more important than any other team member.

Sharing ideas within a team can lead to greater creativity and problem solving. In order to get the best results for my clients, I often have to ask other team members if they have any experience in a particular area. Quite often the best way forward with a particular problem is a combination of ideas drawn from the team.

In a team, the skill set of each individual becomes available to the whole team. We all have strengths and each person can flourish in a team when their strengths are recognised and utilised. As Henry Ford once said,

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.