No Turning Back: Abandoning the Past to Move Forward.


We live in a fast-changing world and it’s quite normal to want security, but as RT Kendall says,

You will never come to look forward to the new and different until there is an utter abandonment of your past.

Change is difficult to choose, and there has often been a trigger, or a challenge in my life which has caused me to ‘choose’ something different.

Change can come in many ways; it may be that we are getting married and leaving our single life behind, or getting divorced and ‘going solo’ again. It may be that we are retiring, or have been made redundant.

When we change, we still take with us our life experiences and transferrable skills, but we need to be able to immerse ourselves in the new and different, and in order to do that there may be a need to intentionally let go of the past, which may entail a measure of grief at our loss. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we don’t learn from the past, and apply what we have learnt to the new areas of our life.

I have a tendency to throw myself into things 100%, so when I stopped running the youth work, there was a big part of me that felt grief, despite the fact that I knew that it was the right thing to do because I was returning to nursing. I got rid of a lot of my youth work magazines and books, but I clung to my files of notes, ‘just in case’.

I enjoyed nursing, but I was never free to pursue it fully until I threw out the youth work notes. When my ward, and eventually the hospital where I worked, closed, I made the decision to write full time. Despite that decision, I still tried to apply for a few jobs … ‘not too many hours … just to keep my hand in.’ It wasn’t until I decided to give up looking for jobs, that I could commit myself to writing.

RT Kendall also said,

You must know that you are not turning back.

Most of us resist change, but without it we don’t grow. Whatever the change, we need to tell ourselves that we are not turning back before we can fully embrace the new and the different.