Learn To Live One Day At A Time.

When I’ve got a lot going on at one time I tend to lie awake at night imagining all the possible scenarios and how I will react to each one of them. Usually the scenarios that I imagine bear no relation to the things that actually happen.

Last week I went to the Feast of Fiddles concert at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury. Peter Knight, the renowned folk musician, sang a most beautiful song which moved me to tears, From a Lullaby Kiss. The music is simple and the words are stunning and it reminded me once again that the only day I have right now is today.

It particularly struck me because I have been trying to simplify life.

That is how I want to live life – to own and accept each day. To me each day is a gift and I want to stop the treadmill attitude to life and really live each day. For me this isn’t about constant happiness, it’s about taking time to feel, to experience and to give of myself to whatever I’m doing. (Hopefully that will work for sleep too)
Pope John XXIII gave ten tips for living a better life, day by day, which are listed on the Psychology Today website. They are listed here.

I finish the blog with this quote, by an unknown person, quoted on searchquotes.com,

Taking life one day at a time, makes each moment worth more.