Conquering self

After months of deliberation, I finally got the blog up and running. I have to admit that it feels selfish; in fact, as one who was brought up to believe that anything and anyone comes first, writing feels selfish. I had to fight those feelings. Most of the things I write in this blog will relate to ‘How I conquered myself’.

My strapline is ‘Healing the heart with words of comfort and life,’ and as my husband pointed out, ‘You can’t heal any hearts if you don’t get the writing out there.’ So it isn’t all about me after all.

If you have difficulties overcoming self-doubt, fear, negativity etc, I’ll see you here on Mondays and Thursdays covering subjects like ‘Why am I procrastinating?’, ‘How not to be a quitter’, ‘Turning negatives into positives’.

My thanks to my husband Barrie, who helped set up this blog; to my son-in-law Tom,(, who changed things to make it easier for me and set up the links; and to Gary Smailles, ( who gave me the little nudge to do it.

Gill Wyatt