Be True To Yourself

I am amazed how many people say that they don’t care what others think but I’m equally amazed at how few people live that way. Not that I think it’s always a good thing not to care what anyone else thinks; after all that would probably be utterly selfish, but often we ignore the chance to become who we know we are meant to be in order to please other people or just so as not to rock the boat.

I take my hat off to those people who give up a secure job, with all that entails, for the chance to do something that they have dreamed of doing. All too often we do the ‘sensible’ thing and lose the opportunity. One of the great things about retiring from the secure job is that you have the chance to try other things.

It pays to spend time with the people who encourage you in your dreams; those people who make you feel free to give your opinion.

Accept that we all begin from different places. It’s easy to find others to blame for our failure to succeed in the areas we want to, and of course some people start out with major advantages, but we can still be the people we want to be. Not everyone can achieve the same levels in life, but we can all chase the dreams we hold and find ways to fulfil them. Some people never have to pay a penny of their own money to get through University, for example, while others get all their education through evening classes or online courses. Wherever you start from – don’t give up. As soon as one route closes, take another.

No matter what area of life you are in there will always be those who want to stop you in your tracks and sometimes you find them in the most unexpected places! The problem is theirs not yours. Don’t let them stand in your way and sabotage your journey – keep going.