Tiny Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Yesterday, my harp teacher, Mark Harmer, showed me two little changes to make to my fingering that completely changed the flow of the piece I was playing. In the one little run of notes, the way I was playing it gave too much emphasis to a passing note, so he showed me how to change the fingering, very slightly, in order to make the flow better on the other four.

Life is often like that. I find that I major on things that are really not entirely important, to the detriment of those things that are obviously a part of the flow of my life at this moment in time. Sometimes it is a matter of taking stock and recognising anything that we are doing which simply does not fit in and then ensuring that we either get rid of it altogether, or ensure that it takes a minor role.

Ecologically, the extinction of the smallest living thing can destroy a part of the food chain, thereby putting many other creatures at risk. We have all heard the expression, the last straw that broke the camel’s back and have felt that one more thing could send us over the edge in times of stress.

A comma can change the whole meaning of a sentence. There’s a site here which shows a few amusing examples. Many of the changes that I made when I first lost weight using the Slimming World plan were actually quite small changes; substituting one thing for another in a recipe but it made quite a difference to the weight loss. A minor change in the way that a bat or racquet is held can make an enormous difference to the success of the shot … and there are many more examples that I could use.

If life isn’t where we want it to be, we might only need to make small adjustments to get it on track. I recognise that isn’t always true – but it very often is.