Taking Off The Masks

We all wear masks. Some of us have a different mask for every situation. We learn to wear them from quite a young age in order to fit in. As we get older we use them to cover our insecurities or to be accepted but wearing them prevents real connection.

Basically, whenever we alter the face that we show to the world we are pretending to be someone else. Of course, just because we are different within different groups it does not mean that we are wearing a mask. Different groups have different dynamics. I will not show the same aspects of my personality on the sports field as I do when I am writing, or thinking. We also do change from time to time and that is a good thing because we don’t want our growth to be hampered.

There are many reasons why we might hide behind these masks. We may feel the need for approval; we may want to get promotion and so we set about becoming the person that we feel is wanted. We may hide our anger behind a mask in order to keep the peace. Almost always, we are afraid of something – maybe that people won’t like us unless we behave in a particular way.
We don’t have to be what the world tells us to be, and the best way to get rid of the mask is to appreciate the person that you are.
I found this on the website believeandcreate.com by J.Marie Novak

One of the bravest acts of self-love you can take is to make the decision to just be you; it’s also one of the most freeing and important steps along the path to living your most fulfilling life.