Self Respect

It is generally accepted that we teach others how to treat us by what we allow or don’t allow them to do or say to us. Confucious once said

Respect yourself and others will respect you.

In order to respect ourselves we need to:-

  • Learn to be comfortable with our own company. Many people are afraid to be alone but unless we are happy with our own company we will be too desperately seeking others to be around us and are in danger of accepting those who disrespect us.
  • Accept ourselves for the people we are. We should get our self-worth from ourselves, not from the opinions of others. Make a list of ten things that you like about yourself.
  • Speak positively about ourselves. Some of us are given to putting ourselves down and undervaluing ourselves, which tells others that it is okay for them to do too.
  • Accept that we make mistakes, forgive ourselves and move on, with a determination to improve. If we have a tendency to torture ourselves for our mistakes, we need to learn not to wallow in our mistakes. Reflecting on the fact that we all make mistakes might help this.
  • Respect others. If we respect others and treat them how we would like to be treated we will generally feel better about ourselves and have greater respect for ourselves.
  • Make moves towards stopping those who disrespect us. Let go of friends who don’t treat us respectfully. We need to believe that we deserve better, otherwise we will continually be manipulated and controlled by others. It is okay to care about people who don’t treat us respectfully but taking them into our confidence and friendship group is bad for our emotional health.