Recognising Opportunities

We all have opportunities in life but not everyone embraces them and runs with them. Before we can take advantage of them we need to recognise them. There are methods that we can utilise in order to make sure that when an opportunity arises we do not miss it.

Firstly we need to be open to new opportunities. Too often, when we are considering something new we have a very narrow view of what it is that we are looking for. Being open to new opportunities means that we need to step out of our comfort zones and get rid of self-limiting attitudes. We may tell ourselves that we are ‘not that sort of person’ or ‘couldn’t do that sort of job’, without ever having tried it. Look at your transferrable skills and try to see yourself differently.

Journalling is another way to reveal new opportunities because when we freely write down what we feel about situations, in the knowledge that no-one else can read it, we can be more honest with ourselves.

For some of us, past failure haunts us and taking a risk on an opportunity daunts us. Ask yourself if the time is right, but don’t make excuses to yourself. Most successful people had to take a risk once. Many people stay stuck in jobs, for example, that don’t really suit them because they are afraid to take opportunities. Once we have that mindset, we won’t recognise an opportunity when it comes our way.

Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Even the best of opportunities will not be perfect. Usually waiting for the perfect opportunity is an excuse for not taking a risk. If you don’t like the direction the opportunity takes you, you can always look for the next opportunity.

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Step out of your comfort zone. Keep an open mind.