My little one,
who never saw the light of day,
you had no time to stop and play
upon this earth.
I never touched your tiny face,
or held you in that sweet embrace
that only motherhood can know.
Although I never nursed you in my hands,
you’re still a precious part,
close to my heart.
I gave you love
and those sweet moments give me joy;
to know I talked with you,
assured you of my love.
And you have given much to me;
a sense of awe, of majesty
that every life that ever lived,
however brief the time,
is perfect and unique,
and precious too;
and there is still a part of you
that lives in me.
I’ll not forget that it was you
who taught me that a brave and tender smile
can hide a million tears.
And yet a hidden hurt can bring
and to this I’ll cling in memory of you.
I’ll look upon the people all around
and I will see and understand
a depth of love I never knew;
because of loving you.

Copyright © Gill Wyatt 2009