Mend Your Broken Heart.

Most of us have our hearts broken in a relationship at some time during our lives. We can either spend our lives grieving over it or find a way to heal our hearts and move on.

  • Face it. It might seem that in the short term avoiding the issue works, but it will surface later and you will take the hurt and pain it causes into the next relationship and damage that too.
  • Express your feelings. Don’t be afraid to express your anger and grief. Find your own ways to deal with the emotion and remember that you don’t want to stay and wallow in grief. Feel it and gradually move on.
  • Imagine a new future. Sometimes it helps to take a step back from the situation and think about what you would really like in the future and dwell on that.
  • Get Physical. Exercise helps to lift mood and helps to work through frustration and anger.
  • Think Before You Act. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we do and say things that will later embarrass us. There have been high profile cases of people who have made fools of themselves over a broken heart. Even texting or calling can be exposed and make fools of us.
  • This is About You Not Your Ex. Take the opportunity to do things that you want to do. If all your friends are in the same circles, try to develop some friendships outside of the group.
  • Make The Decision To Move On. If you are undecided you will continually look for ways to get back to the ex.
  • Don’t Close Your Heart. It’s easy when we’ve been hurt to close up our hearts, but lack of trust and a closed heart will turn others away too.