Keeping Promises

We’ve all come across people who make promises that they never keep and we certainly wouldn’t want to become that person. There are things that we can do to prevent it.

Firstly, we need to think before we speak. We don’t normally have to make a decision or a promise on the spur of the moment, it is usually possible to say that we need time to think about something that we might promise if we speak too quickly. Often, people who make rash promises don’t think things through first.

We need to be realistic. It is better to say no than to let someone down. We need to take our promises seriously and ask ourselves the question, do I have time for this?

Thinking first about what we can and cannot do will save us from making vain promises.

We should ask ourselves the question, do I need to make a promise at all? Very often we do not need to, and it is always better to make no promise than to break one. Ask yourself what you are getting out of making the promise. Often we want to look good, but we end up seeming untrustworthy if we over-commit ourselves and don’t fulfil our promises.

I’m sure that we have all had promises broken and recognise that it is hard to trust someone who makes us a promise that they then fail to keep. Broken promises are especially damaging to vulnerable people, who are the ones who need to be able to trust us the most, and equally as important, if we continually break our promises, it affects the way that people see us, and damages our integrity.

If someone breaks their promise to you, remember this quote on the website

When people don’t live up to their word, it’s a reflection of some weakness in them, not you