How To Stay Young At Heart.

We live in an age when plastic surgery and hair dye make it possible to look younger than our years, but staying young at heart doesn’t need to cost much. If you want to stay young at heart, staying healthy in body helps.

  • Get more sleep. Training the body to sleep regularly helps heal the body and the mind.
  • Watch your diet. There’s no need to miss out on the treats – it just helps keep the body healthy if as a general rule we eat food that is good for the body.
  • Exercise. There is nothing stopping us exercising even if it is limited. We can’t all run a marathon into old age, but we can all move; we can swim, dance, walk, or do wheelchair exercises.

Having done what we can for our bodies we can stay young at heart by

  • Avoiding those who want to make you behave in what they believe is appropriate for your age. Often they are old at heart themselves. I remember taking my mother on the train to go on the London Eye when she was in her eighties  –  she got a free yo-yo with the presents she bought while we were there and she played with it on the train on the way home … well why not?
  • Dress young if you want to, as long as your body allows it.
  • Keep up with the news. When younger people talk about things in the news you will not only know what is going on in the present time, but often you will know the history too.
  • Travel. It broadens the mind. Obviously not everyone can afford to travel to exotic places, but seeing other places in your own locality can broaden your mind too.

And finally, one I wouldn’t have thought about until it was pointed out to me a few weeks ago, singing. The website says,

Science has also drawn the conclusion that singing is a good thing to do, as it trains our lungs to breathe better, boosts our immune system and reduces stress. A Swedish study found that singing together, like in a choir, tends to synchronize the heartbeats of the singers, which results in a calming effect on body and mind comparable to yoga.

How do you stay young at heart? Leave your comments below.