How To Avoid Being A Bore

We’ve all been to parties or other social gatherings and been trapped by the bore, but how can we make sure that we don’t become the bore ourselves. To bore is defined by as

To make weary by being dull, repetitive or tedious.

Here are 6 ways to avoid becoming a bore.

Don’t go on and on, always having to give the long version of a story. It should be obvious whether your audience is interested in the topic when you give a brief outline. Be sensitive to the response; if people are looking the other way, avoiding eye contact or fidgeting, they do not need to hear more. Be aware when the subject has run its course.

Stop focusing on yourself, Ask about the other person and genuinely listen. I was at a party recently and asked the person I was with about her family. She went on and on until it was time to leave and never once asked me about my family.

Don’t moan and complain. Nobody wants to listen to someone who always puts the dampers on everything. Moaners and complainers only bring everyone else down.

Listen. A true conversation entails talking and listening. Listen to the other person or people without trying to work out how you can jump in and give your opinion.

Don’t be a know- it all. Conversation is not an opportunity to lecture. I guess some people think that it impresses others if they always have the answer, but many of us find it a turn-off. Conversation should not be an opportunity to show off your knowledge.

Get out and about more. People who spend too much time around one type of person, always engaging in the same activities do not give themselves the opportunity to grow as a person, and become boring because they always have to come back to the same topics of conversation.