At present, Gill Wyatt publishes her own books under the Heartsease Publishing name.

Gill Wyatt

Gill Wyatt is a freelance writer and poet. She is a member of the Cheltenham Poetry Society and of the Cotswold Scribblers.  Her first novel, ‘Chasing the Wind’, which is part of the Aurora Trilogy, is available on Amazon. All her work aims to, ‘heal the heart, with words of comfort and life’.
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Chasing the Wind

The first in the Aurora Trilogy, Chasing the Wind is Gill’s first published book.
Set in the folk scene at the end of the Sixties, Chasing the Wind is a story of co-dependence; of love and hate held in tension. Bobby Barron is a gifted artist and folk musician who is desperate for his father’s love and approval.
All Bobby’s efforts to please his father fail and when his father forces him to work in the family graphic design business, things come to a head and truths about the past emerge.
When violent memories invade Bobby’s consciousness they threaten his sanity and his other relationships.
Can he free himself from his desperate desire and become his own person or will he be forever chasing the wind.

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